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Written By Barqah on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 | 21:14

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Kumpulan Software Gratis | IObit Game Booster 3.1 Full Version | Game Booster 3.1 is not different from previous versions only the addition of features and bug fixes. Game Booster is believed to be reliable for gaming activities more stable. Because IObit Game Booster 3.1 is going to disable some features on computers that think its not needed while playing the game. It is also able to detect the required drivers for the games we've been up to date what has not.
Game Booster can generate a list of tweaks that can be applied to the system settings and Windows registry for optimized gaming, allowing the end-user to enter the Expert mode and review all the modifications or apply additional ones. As implied by the mode name, these options should only be handled by those with sound computer knowledge.

Another way to speed up the game performance is to defragment the folders where the games are located, and this can be achieved by simply dragging and dropping the corresponding directories onto the main window of Game Booster. The result of this operation will be that the games will load much faster and smoother, especially if the outdated drivers are updated as well.

Game Booster might initially seem like an expert-oriented software due to the numerous tweaks and changes it comes with, but each of its functions comes with a brief description that can convince even beginners to reach in their wallets and purchase the software.

This version is full, does not require Serial or Crack
Winrar Password:
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Ncesoft Flip Book Maker 2.8.1 + Portable-KK

Posted Image
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Ncesoft Flip Book Maker 2.8.1 + Portable-KK | 28.2 MB

Ncesoft Flip Book Maker software is the most easiest to use and powerful flipping book software, allows you to convert PDF to magazine, PDF to flipbook, present your digital magazine, flash magazine, digital newspapers, electronic magazines, digital catalogs, christmas magazines, wedding magazine, company catalog. Enhance your customers, readers impressed by your remarkable digital magazine.

20+ Flipping Book templates, including Christmas magazine templates, wedding magazine templates and more...
Convert PDF to FlipBook, create digital magazine, flash page flip book
More room for setting the style of your flipping book
Publish as SWF, HTML, EXE, Screensaver
Unlimit projects, unlimit pages

Make real effect digital page flipbook
Support importing images, swf, video (flv), pdf format
Support exporting swf, html, exe, screen saver, e-mail
Add background music to flipbook
Add dynamic background to flipbook
Add scene effect to flipbook
Add title for book
Change the size of flipbook
Change control button style
Change background style
Change book paper style
Setting half page and full page
Support landscape flip book, landscape page flip
Automatic page flipping
Flash book slideshow mode
Zoom In/Zoom Out pages
20+ templates include Christamas magazine templates, Valentine's Day templates, wedding magazine templates and more.
Export single file
Support Internal Link & External Link in PDF
Download option
Support transparent background
Create all files for burn CD
More features are expected your exploration you can free download Ncesoft Flip Book Maker

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
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Tweak-7 1.0 Build 1125 (+ Portable )

Posted Image

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Tweak-7 1.0 Build 1125 (+ Portable ) | 47 MB

Tweak-7 - tweaker to fine-tuning, optimization, tuning the operating system, Windows 7, as well as some of its interface elements, due to changes in certain parameters (such as hidden and inaccessible to the user, which are deep in the registry and not only ). Tweak-7 is a brand new development of the company В«TotalIdea SoftwareВ» and a "younger brother" of his predecessors, В«Tweak-XP ProВ» Windows XP and В«TweakVIВ» for Windows Vista, which inherited all of their opportunities, and acquired a new, can thoroughly customize the interface elements of the new Windows 7 operating system or to optimize its work to speed up and handle the important critical system options.

From intelligent systems and tools embedded in the tweaker, you can select, such as automatic optimizer for hardware and software, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner and hard disk, a tool for viewing detailed data about your hardware configuration and your hardware, modules, updates or konroliruyuschie control all the restore points and several others.

Tweak-7 was designed as its predecessors in order to discover and combine the many secrets of Microsoft Windows and functions in one program, which completely relieve users from the routine manual work and a long search, the necessary keys and values ??in the registry Windows, climbing on their "shoulders "all the trouble of setting up the parameters for many of them, including tips, which provide a brief description. All utilities tweaks "incarcerated" only under Windows 7, and will not work in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

The main functions of Tweak-7:

- Setting up of undocumented features of Windows 7 that you can not change the standard means.
- Manual and automatic optimization of the operating system.
- Clean and defrag the registry.
- Cleaning up your hard drive.
- Customize the appearance of windows and other elements of the operating system interface.
- Setting limits and access rights to one or another software installed on the computer.
- Setting up and optimizing your Internet connection, local network in Internet Explorer.
- Active control of the restore points. Deleting old restore points OS.
- Optimization of the processor. Customizing the many models of processors from different manufacturers.
- Providing detailed information about the system.
- Optimization of memory.
- Control modules are operating system updates. Deleting backups of installed updates.
- You can create a virtual RAM RAM-disk size of up to 256 megabytes for quick access. This feature only works on 32-bit Windows 7.

Comparing Tweak-7 with other optimization and tweak tools is simply impossible since no competitive product covers such a huge functionality: from simple system tweaking to complex and fast registry cleaning and registry defragmentation and comprehensive system cleanup.

Tweak-7 featurelist

- Hundreds of tweaks
Tweak-7 includes hundreds of tweaks to optimize and customize Windows 7 to your very personal needs.
- Cleanup your system
Scan your system for unneeded files, old system update backups, and a lot more to set free hundreds of GB on your hard disk.
- Cleanup your registry
The included registry cleaner automatically scans your system registry for dead data and errors.
- Defragment your registry
Cleanup and defrag your system registry for fastest and optimized system performance
- Easy and secure tweaking
Just a few mouse clicks are required in order to activate performance tweaks. No geek knowledge required!
- Transfer your tweaks
Create tweak snapshots and use them to transfer tweaks and customizations to other machines running Windows 7 and Tweak-7.
- Auto-optimize Windows 7
Tweak-7 includes an auto optimizer which optimizes Windows 7 with the most common speed improvement tweaks.
- Detailed system information
Tweak-7 includes a system information feature displaying 3D system and performance information
- Access lost Microsoft Product keys
Lost any of your Microsoft Windows, or Microsoft Office CD keys? Tweak-7 will get them back.
- View Hard Disk statistics
Tweak-7 provides detailed hard disk statistics on all your installed drives.
- Disallow access to certain drives
With the included features you can restrict access to drives and folders.
- CPU tweaks included
Tweak-7 automatically tweaks Windows 7 to work perfectly with your specific CPU.
- CD / DVD drive tweaks
Optimizes the cache of your CD / DVD drives.
- Memory Optimizer included
Optimize your physical memory (RAM) for better performance if you run low on RAM.
- RAM Disk Drive
Create a RAM Disk Drive of up to 256 MB for fastest access to files (available on 32bit systems only).
- Virtual drives
Easily turn any folder on your hard drive into a disk drive!
- Control Windows Error Reporting and much more
Along with heaps of miscellaneous system tweaks you and control the Windows Error Reporting, time sync settings, OEM information ...
- Change system folder settings
Easily change the location of system and user folders.
- Control panel tweaks
Restrict access to control panel items, hide control panel features, and much more.
- Control auto starts
Control what is started automatically with your system - disable and remove autostarts.
- Auto logon and auto shutdown
Enable auto login and auto shutdown features for Windows 7.
- Application tweaks
Heaps of tweaks and customizations for Windows Applications.
- Application restrictions
Get more control over the features of Windows 7 with the includes application restrictions.
- Start menu tweaks
Heaps of tweaks to customize the look and feel of your Windows 7 start menu: hide items, show items.
- Task bar tweaks
Get control over your Windows 7 task bar and tweak it the way you want it.
- Desktop tweaks
Change the desktop style, enable heaps of desktop related tweaks, manage DWM settings.
- Customize the desktop context menu
Include your favorite applications to the desktop context menu for fastest access
- Shortcut overlay icons
Remove the annoying desktop shortcut overlay icons or set up your own.
- Outlook and Windows mail tweaks
Control Outlook attachment settings and tweak Microsoft Outlook
- Internet Explorer tweaks and restrictions
Tweak IE to the max and restrict access to it.
- Windows Utilities
Get quick access to the most useful Windows utilities 7
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Aurora 3D Animation Maker 11.120 Portable

Posted Image

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Aurora 3D Animation Maker 11.12012146 Portable | 68 Mb

When we do title,banner designer or video editing, it will think the text needs a cool animation to highlight the description of our content. Or do we need to show a logo in the video, then, a simple-to-use 3D animation software is your best assistant. KeyFrame Animation, Software key frame animation mode. Simple and flexible. Does not require complex design, anyone person can make a good 3D animation.
Animation Effects, Contains all of effects in Marker3D software, there are a variety of dynamic background, is to produce 3D animation and banner the best choice.

Animation Export, Can make logo animation, advertising, product promotion, etc. And you can export Flash, Video and image sequence for web or other design software.

Web design is more than just picking the right graphics and layout. In order to truly make an impact in this crowded landscape of cookie-cutter websites, you need eye-popping visuals that capture and hold your audiences attention!

Aurora 3D Animation Maker lets you create beautiful 3D animations that will take your text or logos to a whole new level of awesomeness! Using just a single timeline, youll be able to control all aspects of your animation, including the length of the animation, the speed of playback, and more!

Aurora 3D Animation Maker gives you a ton of special animation effects to further liven up your creations. Imagine applying particle effects to simulate fireworks, smoke, snow, flame, or the emptiness of space! Or go crazy with effects like Linear, Quad, Cubic, and Quint!

When you are absolutely pleased with your final result, Aurora 3D Animation Maker makes it easy to incorporate your animation into your website, giving you options to export as Video, Flash(*SWF), animated GIF, or as a sequence of images!

1. Key Frame Animation
Way of key frame animation software, simple and flexible. Does not require complex animation, everyone can create a cool title animation. Use one timeline to produce all the animation.
A key frame contains all the objects in the scene animation attributes. Key frame is automatically set, just need to find the location of the timeline, and then all the objects can be freely adjusted to the desired state, key frame automatically generated, easy to create animation.
Flexible to use, simply by adjusting the length of the animation, adjust the animation speed.

2. Animation Special Effects
Contains all the features of Text & Logo Maker, and all text, shapes, buttons, logos can be animated. Freedom and flexibility.
Software provides a variety of animation effects, greatly enriched the beauty of animation degree.
Variety of particle effects: include: fireworks, smoke, snow, flame, space and so on.
Movement of various animation effects include: Linear, Quad, Cubic, Quint and so on.

3. The Animation Export and Share
We can output video formats, including animation (avi, flv, mpg), Flash (swf), Gif animation, or image sequences (png, tga, bmp).
In this way, we either used in video editing, web production can greatly enhance our efficiency, improve our results.
Fully compatible with other design software, allowing you to perfectly integrate into your Among the work to bring you the production of efficient and beautiful experience.
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