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Full Update Replace Weapon + Weapon Brutal

Written By Barqah on Friday, 16 December 2011 | 19:01

Join In here Up to date Cheat In FORUM Scarletzer


Credit :
Andi Amoes

Thanks To :
Vgm Rizky DreamLand
TamBoreS Of Dragon (T.O.D)
Legend Cheaters Of Indoesian (LCOI)
All Member

Working ALl Windows

Weapon :
SG Putar
Spass Keker
Pestol Keker
Defuse And Plant 1 Hit
Brutal All Weapon

Hotkey :
SG Putar : Numpad 1
SG Keker : Numpad 2
Defuse And Plant : Insert
Brutal All Weapon : Auto On

On Kan Replace saat Respon Ke 2 , 9Agar Terhidar progra ilegal)
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