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Full Hack By Garasi.Org

Written By Barqah on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 | 18:50

File Name : Garasi.Org.dllCreated By : Andi Amoes @ GICAmoes
Great To  : Yovie, All Staff & All Member Garasi.Org
File Zise : 268.KB
Protect By : ASPACKVirtot :

Posted Image

Posted Image

Download :
NB :
- Trial Sampe gue bangun pagi besok
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D3D Menu Full Hack By E991 (WH + Auto HS)

Credit By:

-D3D Menu (picture)
-Auto HS

Insert On/Off D3D Menu
==> On
<== off Join In here FORUM Garasi
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Full Hack X-trap WH + Hollow


Insert : On/Off menu
Arah panah kanan : ON
Arah panah kiri : Off

credit By:
Fredi Agung P

thanks To
devata vila

Fitur :
Wh Chams
No Fog
No smoke
Esp Distance
Esp name
Esp Darah
Esp box
1 hit all weapon = saya sarankan jangan di pakai
Auto HS + 1 hit nya
perbaikan Invisible Kill
Holow set
damage 60%
damage 70
damage 85%

Tutorial lebih Simple
Buka PB launcher
Buka Cheat
masukan password nye
Happy Cheating dah,,

Join In here FORUM Garasi
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D3D Menu Full Hack PB by E991

Credit By:

-D3D Menu
-Full Hack
-Lihat aja di D3D Menu

Join In here FORUM Garasi
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