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Full Hack 1 Hit + Magnet + Dll

Written By Unknown on Sunday, 15 January 2012 | 14:26

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Credit AndrieDK

Features :
-Magnet System
-Bom Ber hacks
-1 Hit Auto Click(New Hot/Not frezze)
[AMmo Puluhan ribu)
-Fullhack lainnya(Terbang hack,Cheat Lari,Brust ALl Weapon,dll)

Keys :
-1 Hit On : Klik Kiri
-1 Hit Off: Klik kanan
(Caranya Saat Kill Musuh langsung Klik kanan)Agar Tidak freeze 30 dtk/Tidak isa kill)

Magnets The Bom Of the Dewa :
-Pakai Sniper/siapkan Bom
-Tekan F1 (Magnet ON)
-Kill pakai Snipe/Bom
-Ntar AKan maskill(Pakai Bom) , pricing shoot(Pakai Snipe)

Fullhack lain nya tutor di dalam Cheat

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