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AVG features on the PC Tune Up 2011
Optimizing your Internet connection
Internet optimizer automatically set up your Internet connection settings to speed up your online life.This tool will speed up your Internet connection by optimizing settings - including Max MTU and RWIN - especially for the type of Internet connection you use. In addition, Internet optimizer will test your connection settings before applying any changes.Recovering deleted files is not sengajaFile recovery
AVG PC Tuneup comes complete with a file recovery tool so you can recover files damaged or accidentally deleted in Windows.This tool will recover files accidentally deleted or damaged files. File recovery also allows you to preview your photos and documents while exploring the list of found files.Deleting files and clean up disk shredder and disk wipers permanenFile
Deleting a file or folder remove their references but not actually erase the data stored in the file. This means that the files that you consider to have been deleted can be easily restored.File shredder to permanently delete files so that your personal data can not be recovered. This tool provides four options shredding process, which range from the shredding process with fast up to the level of military security. Disc cleaning kit can be used to clean the whole drive and to provide extra security. You can also turn off system restore while cleaning disk to guarantee no copying of files during cleanup.Track Eraser protects your privacy
Lots of information about your activities are recorded in the PC. Track eraser will help you protect your privacy by deleting personal information from your computer.When you surf the internet, open a document or run a program, your activity is recorded.Track eraser hide the traces of this so no one can see which web sites you have visited or which documents you recently opened.Make your PC more stable and free up space and registry cleaner diskDisk
Clean up old files, duplicate files and broken registry to optimize your PC.Disk cleaner scans your hard drive for files that spends disk space and slow down your computer. This may include temporary files, cached internet browser or junk files.Registry cleaner scans your registry to fix problems that cause the computer to slow down, freeze or even crash.Increase the speed of the disk and the windows registry defragmenter AndaDisk
Disk defragmentation optimizes your file system to optimize your hard drive. Enjoy a faster hard disks and computers that run more stably and smoothly.Disk Defragmenter again manage files on your disks so that they can be read and written quickly. It improves application response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance. The same tools to clean your Windows registry with a re-write to eliminate fragmentation, free space is fragmented and structural damageMonitor the health and use of hard drive space and disk explorer AndaDisk doctor
With both these tools, you will easily smoothed data and secure it against loss due to damage to the hard disk.

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